NNTP Pool Servers




Setup Groundhog in an Android

The Groundhog aplication for Android is used for illustrative purposes, but the procedure is similar for other devices, such as the iPad or Galaxy, and of course a laptop or desktop using, for example, Thunderbird or a similar news reader application.

In the configuration settings section of the Groundhog application choose any of the servers listed above. They are open for reading, and no login information is required.

When the Groundhog application is started a screen such as the following (but without the group list) is presented. Type the name of the WFO you are interested in, and then click on Search Groups. That will produce the list of the groups related to the station that you typed, in this case tjsj

Then subscribe to the groups that you want by clicking on them, and repeat the procedure for other stations of interest. After that initial setup, when the application is started, the list of groups is listed as shown below (in this case warnings and forecast)

Clicking on a group gives a list of the new bulletins since the last download, and the individual articles are one-click away to be viewed.